Career Summary

As a dynamic and experienced production sound mixer, I have contributed to films and documentaries for a variety of international production- and broadcasting companies across the globe since 1995. (see chapters above for overview)


Due to a firm grounding in productions that require a high degree of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness I will always approach new challenges with enthusiasm and creative solutions.

I am equally at home working in higher-budget features, quality television drama as well as in groundbreaking low-budget cinema, all projects are always treated with the same dedication, passion and respect.

I speak fluent English, Dutch and French and own / operate a comprehensive hard disk recording based film sound kit with time code facilities for multi-camera shoots
(full equipment list is available on request).

If you would like some more information about my skills and experience, then please contact me and I'd be delighted to talk to you.


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What people have said about my work ...

“Johan is my all time favourite. His work is absolutely outstanding : he is a superb technician, a creative problem solver and a wonderful guy to work with.”
Luk Wyns - Director / Producer - Diamond City Films

“Johan's commitment to our film was total from day one. Both the quality of his work and his positive attitude a joyful addition to any crew.” 
Sol Papadopoulos - Producer - Hurricane Films

“Johan worked with us on ID2 in Hull last March. For a sound crew it was a difficult film since the camera continually moved in unexpected directions and so all actors could be on camera at all times. Johan was fast, efficient and easy to work with, turning in excellent sound under these difficult conditions. The director and I will certainly want him on the next film"
Sally Hibbin - Producer - Parallax Independent Films

"I tend to make very ambitious films, and my way of shooting is very adventurous. Usually, this gets in the way of all of our on-set sound mixers. In the case of ID2, where I worked with Johan, it was the first time that someone had my back. Johan is truly a professional, an artist and an obsessive in the details of his craft. The sound was not only great, but we were able to achieve our super complicated shots with all his support. He is collaborative, easy to work with and his sound is top of the line quality. What else can a director ask for in a sound mixer? If you want your film to have great sound without compromising the visual storytelling, I advise you to hire Johan, eyes closed"
Joel Novoa - Director I.D.2

“Johan was an integral part of my core team for 'The First Film' and he was especially useful in France as he was the only one of us who could speak the language. In other situations in the UK I found his suggestions re the way I was phrasing certain sentences very useful. I had asked him to do this because, as I was the director, producer and the presenter I sometimes needed guidance. I have already recommended him to other filmmakers and I know they have employed him, and will do so again, as will I."
David Wilkinson - Producer / Director - Guerilla Films

“Johan has worked on several of my short film projects. I can't see myself working with anyone else for sound recording, his work is of an incredibly high standard. Johan's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for this industry is impressive. I highly recommend Johan's services, you would be in very trust worthy hands!” 
Danny Lacey - Director - Stadamedia

“Johan is not only a pleasure to work with, but trustworthy and reliable. He performed his job as audio recording mixer on our films without any errors or issues. He's the type of person one desires to have on their team because he needs little management and he's a team player. I highly recommend Johan.”
Kacy Andrews - Producer - Bigfoot Entertainment